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Getting started with RecurrinGO!

RecurrinGO! is the leading subscription payments solution providing you with an easy way to launch and scale your subscription business. This guide provides a high-level overview of RecurrinGO, its core features, and migration resources.

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Subscription rules
Subscription rules

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Yes, you can use auto-charging subscriptions and invoices. To charge your customers automatically, a Shopify store should meet these requirements.

There’s no such feature in the app. If you need to migrate your current subscriptions from another app, ask us for a help.

When you uninstall the application in the Shopify admin panel, the theme will still contain code snippets from the application.

This is typical for all Shopify applications because after you uninstall the application from your store it no longer has the right to restore all the previous changes it made to the theme. To remove code, please follow these instructions.

Managing Subscriptions

Yes, they can manage subscriptions in the customer portal: skip, pause, or cancel them at any time.

You can do it easily from your admin panel. Go to the Subscription rules page and click the Create subscription rule button, fill out all the required fields, and save changes. Find more in this video tutorial.

Selectors are used for showing the app elements on the store pages correctly. You can set up them manually or contact us. To set up selectors, go to Settings > General > Selectors.


Transaction fees are charged for all orders that have at least one subscription item. This includes mixed cart checkouts that have subscription items and one-time products in a single order. The cost of the transaction fee varies depending on the pricing plan you choose. We do NOT charge transaction fees for the first 10 subscription orders in any pricing plan.

The app spending limit limit is the maximum amount of fee that the app can charge to the merchants for a month. In RecurrinGO, the app spending limit is set to $300. If you’re processing more than $300/month, reach out to us to discuss custom pricing options.

To use the app without being paid for it, you should choose the Starter plan and don’t exceed the limit of 10 subscription orders that are free of transaction fees. If you go over the limit, you’ll have to pay.


PageFly is a Shopify advanced page builder that allows you to create beautiful landing pages and product pages for ecommerce stores to optimize conversion rates.
For RecurrinGO to work with PageFly, you need to follow this instructional guide.

RecurrinGO integrates with Google Analytics 4 to allow you to send recurring order transactions and subscription-related events to your existing Google Analytics account. To set up your RecurrinGO to Google Analytics 4 connection, follow this instructional guide.

You can send fully customized notifications to your customers by integrating RecurrinGO! Subscriptions with Klaviyo. The integration will allow subscription events to be synced with Klaviyo in order to trigger email flows. To set up your RecurrinGO! to Klaviyo connection, follow this instructional guide. 

You will be billed for your app usage and subscriptions as part of Shopify’s 30-day billing cycle. This means you will receive Shopify invoices containing fees on paid pricing plans every month.

As for transaction fees for all orders that have at least one subscription item, they will be charged on a weekly basis. 

Sure, you can change or cancel your pricing plan anytime. As your business grows, you can upgrade the pricing plan to reduce transaction fees. In this case, your charge will be prorated by Shopify based on the difference in price and the number of days remaining in the billing cycle. If you downgrade the pricing plan, you’ll be automatically offered the app credit based on the difference in price and the number of days remaining in the billing cycle.

The Starter plan is free to install and gives you full access to the app features and unlimited number of subscriptions. It also provides you with 10 subscription orders without transaction fees; however, you will have to pay 3% transaction fees for all subsequent orders.

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