How to Creating discount codes on Shopify

Creating discount codes on Shopify

Shopify store owners can use discount codes and various promotions to increase sales and customer loyalty. This is a powerful marketing strategy for ecommerce businesses to encourage repeat customers since everyone loves good deals.

The discount codes will automatically apply at checkout. Here is a step-by-step guide on configuring this.

Go to your Shopify Admin and click Discounts. Click the Create discount button.

Select what type of discounts/promotions you want to create:

  • Amount off discount
  • Amount off order
  • Buy X get Y
  • Free shipping

  • Amount off discounts

    Amount off discounts can be applied to products (their options and variants) and orders. If you want to create an amount off product discount, select the corresponding option in the popup.

    1. Select one of the methods: Discount code or Automatic discount.

    Discount codes are personalized codes that your customers enter at checkout to get a discount. Click the Generate button to automatically create a new discount code, then copy it, and send it to your customers by email or display it in your store.

    Automatic discounts are applied automatically at checkout or on cart. Automatic discounts take priority over discount codes. Discount codes are unavailable for customers who have automatic discounts applied to their checkout. You should give the title to your automatic discount for customers to see it.

    2. Next, set up the discount value, either in percentage or a fixed amount.

    3. Select, which products the discount applies to. You can choose Specific collections or Specific products and then click Browse .

    4. You can select products and their options. Click the Add button.

    5. Optionally, configure Minimum purchase requirements as Minimum purchase amount or Minimum quantity of items. For example, offer a discount only for purchases starting from $5.00.

    6. Under the Combinations section, you can let your customers use more than one discount. Just select the shipping discount or other product discount that you want to combine with your current product discount.

    7. Last, set up the discount start date and end date, if there are any.

    8. Preview your discount and, if everything looks good, click Save discount.

    Buy X get Y

    Buy X get Y is a popular type of discount which implies that you reward customers for purchasing a specific product by offering them another product for free or with a discount. For example, they buy a fitness ball and get a free elastic band in addition.

    1. If you want to create this type of discount, click Buy X get Y in the popup.

    2. Next, select one of the methods: Discount code or Automatic discount.

    3. Moving to the Customer buys section, select the Minimum quantity of items option and enter the required quantity.

    Alternatively, select the Minimum purchase amount option and enter the required amount.

    4. Under Any items from, select Specific products or Specific collections and click Browse.

    5. Select one or several products/collections and click the Add button.

    6. Now, go to the Customer gets section to set up which product you’ll give your loyal customers for free or with a good discount.

    Enter the quantity, choose Any items from Specific collection or Specific products, and select the product by clicking the Browse button.

    7. Select one or several products/collections and click Add. When added, select how you offer this product: for free or with a % discount.

    8. Set up Customer eligibility - this is to whom you want to offer the discount.

    9. Optionally, set up Maximum discount uses.

    10. Check the box if you want to combine discounts.

    11. Set up the dates to start and end your discount.

    12. Preview the summary and click Save.

    Now you know how to create discount codes in your Shopify store and can use this marketing strategy to grow your ecommerce business.

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